Thursday, 6 August 2009

I PASSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ipassed my OU course - I'm now Clare Bills Cert NatSci (open).

I get letters after my name !!!! I have a university certificate !!!!!!

ME !!!!!!!

Oh I'm celebrating tonight !!!!


Three weeks later......

I know...I'm terrible - no blogging for three weeks !!! But in my defence, it's been one hell of a three weeks !!

I've had a bad back/shoulder/neck all week, to the point where I had to sleep (well..sort of) in the spare bed as the agony I felt everytime I moved affected poor Dave. I've waddled like a pregnant duck all week :-(

I had to finish my OU degree course - Exploring our Blue Planet. The girls are off school for the long summer holiday. Dave's Mum is taking up everyone's time since Norman died. The exhaust fell off Dave's car (and took two days to sort out). His car also had to go in for a couple of days for other stuff, namely a horrible clicking noise that sounded just like the indicator was on constantly. And finally - my piece de resistance - my freezer broke !!!

I lost about £250 worth of food, including loads of home made meals that I'd prepared. The worst part was that I hadn't actually been in the freezer for days, as I was using all fresh food from the fridge, so when Mickey opened the freezer last Thursday while we were out at a trivia quiz, the smell was sickening - literally. The poor girl was ill as hell because of the smell. I took all the food down to the local tip and the smell is still in my car. It reeks !!!!

On the bright side (HA !!!!!) my results for my first science course - the biggie - are due today/tomorrow, so the waiting wll finally be over. I took delivery of a massive Tesco order last night so I'm again fully stocked on cooking/baking doo-dahs.

And I'm planning a baking day !!!!

Dave is off work for two glorious weeks from Friday, so we're really hoping for some quality family time. Fingers crossed !!