Wednesday, 27 May 2009

All quiet

Originally posted on April 10, 2009

Mickey is at the cinema with her friends to see ‘Fast and Furious’, Dave and Lucy are at the museum, so it’s just me and Jorge at the moment. It’s times like this when I really miss Lucy-cat.

We all did a load of cleaning today, had everything done by 10.30am, including all the bedding in the washer, so I’m looking forward to a relatively peaceful day – I might make a start on my next assignment though – quantum physics !!!

When I looked at the book, and went through it as a sort of first skim, I thought, yep, that’s hard. Then when someone reminded me that it’s actually ‘quantum physics’ it scared the living daylights out of me !! lol. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I’d be studying that, as part of a BSc in Geoscience, I’d have sent for the men in white coats for them.

My pass rate at the moment is averaging 57%. Not great, but considering the fact that it’s the first science I’ve done in years, I’m pretty happy with it. I was told that the course I’m doing is the equivalent of doing four ‘A’ levels in nine months. I was even happier with my 57% after I heard that.

I’m making some of my chocolate muffins later today, to take into work tomorrow. There’s a lovely lady there called Gaynor, who has been absolutely fabulous in the last few weeks when I’ve been upset about Lucy-cat and the family ‘issues’. So it’s my way of saying thank you. The muffins are amazing, so easy to make, and totally delicious. Even nicer served warm so that the chocolate pieces are still melting !!


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