Thursday, 22 October 2009

Remember me?'s me - the disappearing blogger. I got too busy ( etc) so I kind of sort of forgot to blog. But I tattoed 'MUST DO BETTER' on my forehead so hopefully I'll remember from now on !!

It's so cold here - autumn has really set in. Sadly, the central heating isn't working so we're waiting for an engineer to come out tomorrow to fix it. So in the meantime I'm modelling countless layers, socks, cardigans, dressing gowns - none of which are husband approved (quote - 'Mickey, take a pictoure of your Mum looking like that to post on her blog so people can see what she really looks like.' CHEEK!!!!).

Good news - we finally booked a holiday for next year !! Two weeks all inclusive at a beach club in Ibiza. Really can't wait. Dave is desperate for a holiday with everything that's going on at work and with his Mum.

More good news - I passed my last course on oceanography !!! I'm currently working on two more - Earthquakes/volcanoes/tsunamis and archaeology.

Bad news - Dave's Mum is getting worse. By worse I mean, more frustrating, more annoying, harder work, less able to look after herself, more able to refuse point blank to do anything to help herself but still expect everyone to do everything for her. I know how heartless I sound, but it's unbelieveable how much trouble she's causing, to the point of accusing my husband and his sisters of wanting her to 'pop her clogs' to get her money. My sisters-in-law are running themselves ragged trying to look after her as well as their own kids, and their own lives. Dave is doing so much for her that we hardly see him sometimes.

More bad news (for me) - Lucy is going off to camp in two weeks. My baby is going on the annual school trip to an outward bound centre and I'm dreading it. Dreading saying goodbye, dreading waking up while she's gone and not seeing her, dreading her not being there at 3.15pm. Basically dreading everything about it.

Does anyone have any spare valium please ??



  1. I understand what you are saying 100 percent. I could use a valium too about now. Jorge's alter ego passed away this morning and I am very sad. Keep Jorge safe for us!!!

  2. I so sorry Julia - I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. He knew how much you loved him to keep him going as long as you did.

    Hugs and love,

    Clare xx