Friday, 3 July 2009

Bad blogger !! (

I just haven't had time to blog this week !! I didn't even have time to make the Chocolate Orange cake on Sweet and Simple Bakes, which has devastated my husband. It's just been one of those weeks where time simply disappears.

On the bright side, I've enjoyed my study this week - whether farming milkfish in an intense polyculture system in artificial ponds, or salmon in sea lochs is more environmentally friendly.

On the down side -I hve to work Saturday AND Sunday this week !! They're short staffed so it's all hands to the (beer) pumps. The problem is that it gets so hot behind the bar because of all the electricity, and lets be honest - the first 4 hours of each day aren't 'bar-maiding', they're 'cleaner' jobs, albeit in a really nice blouse and skirt. The best dressed cleaner you'll ever see. :-)

Scrubbing out drip trays that no-one else seems to notice, scrubbing the bar sink that is congealed with dead lemon slices, washing and drying tea towels, scrubbing out the'll notice the recurring 'scrubbing' theme here.

Let's hope (for my sake) that the weather forecasts are right for once when they say it's cooling down !!


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  1. Oh bless you Clare you sound such a busy bee at the mo. hey if you get chance to bake the choc/orange cake send it via email and I will still add your entry to the round-up.