Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I did it !! I stuck to my menu plan !!

I'm so proud - I stuck to my 10 day menu plan except for when circumstances were beyond our control. We've just had a wonderful tea of home made pizza - cheese and tomato for Lucy and bbq chicken for everyone else.

I've also made two huge bowls of salad for the next couple of days. Mickey and I love the salad boxes from Morrisons where you help yourself, so last time I bought one I made a note of what was in the nicest ones. So I have two lovely big boxes waiting for us in the fridge, and a massive tuna pasta salad on its way to join them !!

Now to plan the next 10 days !!



  1. You have to help us stupid Americans... does "tea" mean dinner or your last meal of the day?

    And I wish I could plan food 10 days out but I am hopeless in this area. It's all about opening the fridge and throwing darts. But I do take out meat in the am to defrost so I will give myself one point of credit for that!

  2. Lol...I'm 'common', so for us tea is what we eat when Dave gets home at abot 6pm ! If I was posh I'd probably call it supper:-)

    I'm just planning the next 10 days now -I bought a huge joint of beef yesterday so will make a few meals from that....roast beef with home made yorkshire puddings !!xx

  3. Those salad boxes from Morrisons are good. Congrats on sticking to your menu plan :0)

  4. Thanks Rosie !!

    I made a big box of salad with shredded white cabbage, chopped apple, raisins, mayonnaise and celery - a kind of evolved waldorf salad, lol. It cost me about 50p for a big stainless steel bowl full !

  5. WOW that's good value Clare on your "waldorf salad".