Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A mixed week....but today some good news !!

We all had a great time on our days out last week. Wednesday we went to the cinema to watch Night At The Museum 2 - highly recommended !! On Friday we went to Rhyl - a 2 hour drive (only 1 and 1/2 hours if I drive *blush*) but well worth it. Lovely weather, lovely company, and loads of seagulls to tease Mickey with !!

However Thursday was spent at Norman's funeral. I worried a great deal about how Lucy at 10 years old would react to a cremation. Let's face it - the practicalities of burning someone's body are hard to face. But she was far better than I expected, although I'm sure we're due for some more questions soon. The service itself seemed so impersonal - the vicar was almost just reading out a CV ....'Norman worked at ERF...........(long wait).......Norman liked football...........) I actually got quite upset at the idea of a man living his life to the age of 76 and this was the best that they could say about him.

Anyway.......onto brighter things. I've won a giveaway !!!! I'm not known for my ability to win things so I'm over the moon to have opened my inbox this morning to find an email from Karon from Dream Country Chat (link on my sidebar) to say that I'd won her heart of the home giveaway!! She makes the most amazing things......all of them beautiful, all of them useful, and I'd be proud to own any of them. So thank you Karon, and I can't wait to see your beautiful home featured in 'Your Home' magazine.


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