Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Time to celebrate - I finished my course !!!!

After nine months of hard slog, I've finally finished my Exploring Science course with the Open University....it was so much harder than I expected !!! I have to wait until August for the results. I was told that the course should take 16-18 hours a week - it took me a lot more, as I was basically studying school hours. Dropping Lucy off at school, and then studying until it was time to pick her up again.

Now I have to start on my next course, Life in Our Oceans. It actually started two weeks ago, but is much easier than the last course, and it's a subject that I'm desperate to start. This is one of the two Level One courses that I had my heart set on.

So last night, I celebrated the end of my course. I had a glass of sherry in my garden !!! That's more alcohol than I've had in months !! lol.


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