Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chester Zoo

We spent a lovely day at Chester Zoo yesterday, and were lucky enough that it didn't rain on us !!

It was the first time we've been in years, and it's changed so much that we hardly recognised it. What made this is it really special though, was that Dave was with us. Usually the girls and I go on our own, but he's booked the week off and we're planning on day trips - weather permitting !!

After lots of fruitless visits over the years to the Spirit of the Jaguar - a huge complex with fountains, waterfalls and jungle-esque plantings - I finally saw the jaguar. It absolutely took my breath away. Then, after we moved to their outdoor 'home'......we realised that there were actually two !! And to top it off......we also managed to see the black panther !!

We managed to get so much closer to a lot of the animals than ever before - the elephants, lions, rhinos, jaguars......all came so much nearer.

I must admit to getting upset at how sad some of the animals looked - you could see it in their eyes.

Apart from that sadness, it was a lovely place to visit, and Dave made us all laugh when he realised that the last time he came to Chester Zoo, Lucy was tiny, and in a pushchair !!

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