Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Just a little chicken......

I bought a frozen chicken from Sainsburys - and wanted to make it stretch.

So I took off all the meat, used a third of it in a Chicken and Bacon Pasta salad, with some grilled streaky bacon rashers that I'd bought reduced and some italian salad dressing. The rest I mixed with some more of the bacon, crumbled up, sliced value mushrooms, peas and carrots that I purposely did extra yesterday, and a nice helping of madeira sauce. I used this to fill two pies, using homemade shortcrust pastry. Absolutely delicious !!!!

Today turned out to be a lot busier than I expected !!

* Washed all my bedding and dried outside to make the most of the lovely weather
* Washed everything else from the washing baskets
* Cleaned through
* Ironed a LOT of clothes
* Made two chicken pies
* Made Chicken and Bacon Pasta Salad
* Made Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad with the extra pasta I'd cooked
* Watched two programmes from my OU course on DVD (The Blue Planet)and made all my notes
* Spent a few hours studying the course texts
* Chauffered my daughter and her friend
* Chased insurance companies about Dave's car insurance

And this on a supossedly quiet day !! lol.



  1. I am bowing to you oh queen of getting things done! I did pretty good yesterday too with my aunt visiting and cleaned and cooked a bunch. Husband says to me, "Now why can't you cook like that allllll the time!" Gee I don't know. Maybe it takes like 3 hours and then some so who has that much spare time. :)

  2. OH I forgot!
    Your cat is my cat Shmobie's long lost overseas twin. Seriously. Look here.




  3. Lol !!! I['m actually (usually) Queen of Procrastinators - so I'm really impressed with myself today. Tomorrow is a task I'm dreading - altering my daughter's prom dress so wish me luck with that !!

    OMG !! They really are twins !! Is Shmobie as mad as Henry? Henry has the most gorgeous black spots on the back of his white paws... absolutely love them. xx

  4. Shmobie is not mad (or crazy as we say in the States..ha ha) but he is a relaxed gigantic cat who likes to sleep and be petted. Then wonder around all evening long on our property. So I guess they are twins only in regard to appearance!