Monday, 22 June 2009

Mauled by a Mountain Lion?

I was horrified to read on the headline 'I have been mauled' on Our Simple Life , this morning. Having seen that line, I rushed to her blog to read about how some deadly american wild animal had savaged the poor woman.

The savage, ferocious beast was........ a rooster !!!!!

She has some birds with 'attitude', and this one certainly made his feelings felt !!! Now that I've stopped crying with laughter, I've resolved to get some photos of my battle wounds from the lesser-known-greater-spotted-English-mad-cat (latin name chasus anything that movus and destroyus wallpaperus).

We had a lovely weekend. Work seemed to fly by this week, nine hours of cleaning the bar, serving customers and gernerally being a nice bar maid has never gone so quick !! We were actually pretty slow, so rather than be bored I helped the chef with preparations for the evening's wedding. I really hate being bored. I even refilled every salt and pepper pot rather than stand doing nothing !!

Fathers' Day was great. Dave was treated like a king for the day (I what's new *grins), and was given a whle batch of Neiman Marcus cookies made with Cadbury's Orange Chocolate from a recipe on The Goddess' Kitchen. So much better than yet another pair of socks !! He also had his favourite lasagne for dinner, and I'd even pre-cooked the lasagne sheets so that there were no tiny hard bits of pasta anywhere in there !! I'm too good to that man *winks


  1. I am glad you were laughing cauze i was cracking my self up writing that post. You know when inspiration just hits you...

    And i would love to see your Shmobie twin injuries. Show and tell!!

    Glad you had a good weekend too. We had a lovely time changing out our water heater. Sigh...

  2. Lol...that post was of those that just hits the spot - I just couldn't stop laughing !!

    I have a feeling that this weekend won't be as fun. I need to clear out the old office because we're having it as a spare room, and we need to replace the upstand on the kitchen worktop - all 8 metres of it !!