Monday, 29 June 2009

To univerity, or not to university.....that is the question

After the excitement, came a couple of bad days - I've been ill all weekend!!

Sickness and general 'knackered-ness' really hit me - so bad that I couldn't go to work, so I spent most of the weekend in bed.

I've been looking at doing my degree at my local university instead of with the Open University. It's got a fabulous science department, and the course for the BSc Geoscience looks amazing. I just don't know if I dare to do it though. I'm terrified of feeling out of place, surrounded by teenagers. I have to admit it would be a fabulous opportunity though.

And good news - my Mum loved my bag !! She saw the japanese knot bag that I made a couple of weeks ago and loved it, wanted one ! So I have to find a nice fat quarter to suit her now.

Wish me luck xx


  1. I do hope you are feeling better soon sweetie!! Hey you go for it at your local university I'm sure you will fit in like a hand to a glove!

    Wishes you all the best whatever you do - Rosie x

  2. Thanks Rosie - maybe I just need a bit more confidence in myself. School was never the best environment for me as I was bullied for most of the time I was there, so I think that's causing my nervousness about it.

    But I've asked for more info and I'll see what happens !!