Thursday, 25 June 2009

Two admissions....

Admission 1

I've made two batches of Rum and Raisin slices and one batch of Cherry slics using the same basic recipe. All in less than twenty four hours - the recipe is that good !!! But I've been a good girl and shared them all with my Mum and Mum-in-law.

Admission 2

I've never been great at recycling. I know it's important, I know what a difference it can make, but round here we only have recycling boxes for glass/tins, garden waste and normal waste. But my moter-in-law this week told us that a new system is starting wth five different collection boxes, and if you use them incorrectly you get fined.

First of all, where the hell am I going to put five recycling boxes????? Second, I'm worried about how much time it will take to sort out. I need to look at it as a challenge, and get the kids all excited about reducing 'normal' waste as much as possible and filling the other boxes, but I'm still worried about doing it right (OK, I'm a worrier, about anything and everything).

The Rubbish Diet is really inspiring, about how Mrs Average reduced her household waste to well....not a lot. Let's hope that my houshold can a least get on the right tracks with recycling !



  1. My husband is a staunch anti recycler. It makes me insane!! He thinks they should do all of it at the dump. I am the recycling advocate so I am his foil.

    Luckily we only have two types of recycling: Paper and plastics/glass. I have two plastic garbage cans which I fill up since our pick up is every other week. It is annoying at first but by volume it really dramatically reduces weekly out going garbage by one full trash can each week. I put a plastic grocery bag under the sink and when it is full i take it out to separate.

    I wish you goooooood luck with this one!! But it is a good thing.

  2. I'm waiting to see what boxes we actually get.....I've heard that cardbard will be one, but not sure about what else. I keep telling myself it's only a matter of getting into a routine but that's easier said than done here, lol. Wonder if I can get Mad Cat to help out??