Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My menu plan...and I'm actually sticking to it !!

Ok, so there's a little repetition in there (2 chicken pies, 2 lasagnes), but I had to do some batch cooking because of work/study commitments. But I'm sticking to the plan !! It's great to be able to look at my menu each night and see if I need to defrost anything, or start preparations.

There's always - always - some baking around for puddings, or there's usually ice cream in the freezer and of course fresh fruit.

And I have to say - I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now !!

Tuesday 16th
Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie
Wednesday 17th
Jacket potatoes stuffed with cheese and bacon
Thursday 18th
Steak and onion pie, gravy and creamy mashed potatoes
Friday 19th
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Saturday 20th
Lasagne, jacket potatoes, salad
Sunday 21st
Monday 22nd
Chips, burger, peas
Tuesday 23rd
Chicken in red wine with creamy mashed potatoes
Wednesday 24th
Spicy Chicken Pasties with potato wedges and beans
Thursday 25th
Shepherd’s pie, peas and carrots
Friday 26th
Bacon sandwiches
Saturday 27th
Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie with mashed potatoes
Sunday 28th
Lasagne, jacket potatoes, side salad
Monday 29th
Bacon wrapped chicken breasts, Italian roast potatoes and peas
Tuesday 30th
Home-made pizza


  1. How do you do that?? I could never stick to a menu. I basically am day to day in meal planning.

  2. Julia - I've 'intended' so many times to sick to a menu plan, but this time I've actually managed it. It helps that I'm almost broke this month, lol, so Im not tempted to buy extra stuff at he supermarket, cus I couldn't afford it anyway!!

    I must admit....I'm enjoying the wonderful 'smug' feeling of having the menu up on my pinboard and hearing Dave say, 'oh great !! Pasties and wedges tonight !!'.