Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mickey's big night

Tonight we're all going to a drinks and canapes reception at the Moat House Hotel, to celebrate the end of the Step-Up program that Mickey and her friends have participated in at school.

They all took part in various full day activities over the course of the past year, all of which are designed to develop their creativity, team work skills and general life skills. Of 24 pupils that started, only 12 remain. Of those 12, 6 will be offered summer jobs this evening with the companies involved in the program. Mickey has a really good chance of getting one of these, so fingers crossed for her.

At only 16, she's amazing. She's leaving school with 22 GCSE's, and knows exactlyw hat she wantst o do with her life, which is much more than I ever did !!

Love you Mickey xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Sending my best wishes to Mickey and have a great night!

  2. smiles...thanks Rosie !!

    She had a great night - she got one of the jobs on offer, and it's one of those she really wanted, PLUS the director there can give her really good contacts to get a part time at Stagecoach drama schools, so she's absolutely over the moon !!